Independent, non-profit The Village Voice relies totally on financial contributions from local businesses and other organisations. There is a new opportunity to become the main sponsor, taking advantage of an inviting in-print and online promotional package – and reinforcing the magazine – plus VV-6 sponsorship involvement.

What are the benefits of main sponsorship? They are substantial.

Subject to discussion, but you would expect a full page advertisement in the magazine throughout the sponsorship period. Plenty of flexibility with the page: maybe take it as two half-pages, perhaps incorporate advertorial, changing content as often as you wish. The centre-pages editorial would be underpinned by a strap message of choice. Reference to your sponsorship would be included in the monthly information emailer: currently, this goes to over 400 recipients – and rising. All with editorial coverage as appropriate.

You would have a dedicated page on this popular website, with a choice of illustrations, your corporate logo, and the text you need to promote what you are doing and its relevance to residents, businesses, groups and public bodies in Derbyshire Dales and High Peak.

There is another way to be of significant help to
The Village Voice. Become a VV-6 sponsor. Donate £600, invaluable for the magazine and with pay-back for the assistance.

Talk it all through with managing editor Alan Page on 07764 761974, or use the
Response Form.