The Village Voice managing editor Alan Page updates his observations each month.

"I always try to use the products and services of
The Village Voice advertisers. In the last few weeks I've had cause to be a customer of A Williams Plumbers of Tideswell, Mister Carpet of Bradwell and Sam Alton Woodwork in Millers Dale. All were brilliant.

"Last month we introduced our 2024 advertising rate card, showing a few small increases. Price increases or not, we are fully booked for the foreseeable future. Thank you, advertisers – you are our lifeblood.

"We are short of two Teamsters (our volunteer doorstep deliverers) plus more back-ups. New deliverers are needed for Peak Dale and Wormhill. Send an email to Clare Street at, please.

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Response Form or send an email. Emailings are a couple of days before letterbox deliveries begin, during the last week of each month."