The Village Voice is all about the teamwork of a small group of dedicated volunteers, combining to further this well-regarded community publication.

The not-for-profit monthly magazine succeeds because of its steering force of managing editor, advertising administrator, distribution organisers, deliveries team and the treasurer.

ALAN PAGE is managing editor of
The Village Voice. Having lived further north, south, offshore and latterly in nearby Buxton, Alan moved to Tideswell in 2012 and takes a keen interest in the fortunes of the village. He is a former print and broadcast journalist who went on to spend over 30 years in senior management at top advertising, public relations and marketing agencies. Semi-retired, Alan is still providing marketing-related services.

Working alongside Alan, the advertising administrator is ANGELA YATES, an experienced people manager who is a carer for adults with learning difficulties. Angela has upwardly revised the advertising stance of
The Village Voice to maximise customer friendliness and add to the options, improving potential income.

DIANA WALKDEN, former teacher and a performing arts charity worker, is responsible for distribution policy and admin. JUDY COOKE, another ex-teacher, managed printing when it was an internal exercise and supervised her helpers (the 'pixies') as they batched up magazine quantities. Judy still organises those delivery bags. Diana's husband BOB WALKDEN, a self-employed translator, ensures that
The Village Voice reaches the completion team. There are around 25 door-to-door deliverers.

Busy at business, JULIET WAUGH found time to look after
The Village Voice advertising for many years, as well as being honorary treasurer. She's still treasurer, helping keep this free-issue magazine solvent.
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