MAY 2019

Thanks 200,000 times
Tideswell business Markovitz hosted the handing over of cheques totalling £200,000 to the three #Challenge Derbyshire health charities in April. The money raised has gone to Ashgate Hospicecare (£140K), Blythe House Hospice (£40K) and Helen's Trust (£20k). These are the charities that benefit from #Challenge Derbyshire, a Markovitz initiative founded in 2015.
Memorial restoration
The Tideswell War Memorial, erected nearly 100 years ago, requires financial input for much-needed repairs and refurbishment. A fund-raising appeal is being launched by the Parish Council, with a target that is not far short of £20,000. The overall cost will be £30,000. A grant of £10,590 is coming from the War Memorial Trust, leaving the balance to be found locally.
A new hall for all
The plans are approved, the core money has been raised, architects appointed, and Tideswell and its neighbours are on course for a brand new activities hall to replace the community building destroyed by fire four years ago.
Shadows of the past
The Wakes Week exhibition at St John's Church this June will take an historical look at the famous church through the lives of some of the people who have been connected with it down the years, going back centuries and returning right up to recent times.
Millers Dale facility open
The refurbished Peak District Park Authority Millers Dale information centre with refreshment room is now open. The opening hours are 9.30am to 5.30pm.
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