JULY 2019

Artistry by tradition
Well dressing in Tideswell restarted after the Second World War, but the Peak District custom dates back to at least Roman times. This year's main well dressing, designed by Elaine Chapman, depicted Whitby Abbey and surroundings. Only natural vegetation is used for these fascinating, fabulous, large-scale works of art.
Official launch of Friends of St John's
The launch of fund-raising Friends of St John's on the 14th of this month is scheduled to be a day of friendship and fun. As part of activities, all in aid of urgent repairs and renewals to the church, the Bishop of Repton, Right Reverend Jan MacFarlane, will be joined by local vicar Reverend Simon White in absailing 40 feet down the inside of the tower.
Seeing red
Tideswell's history box has been given a fresh lick of paint. When visitors enter the former GPO, then BT, red phone box a sensor activates and the phone rings. Once the receiver is lifted there is access to a large collection of oral stories about the village's past.
Dementia friendly surgery
Tideswell Surgery has been awarded a complete dementia friendly rating by the Alzheimer's Society. It was necessary to review day-to-day practices, provide extra staff training and work through a toolkit prepared by the Dementia Action Alliance.
Rare birds return
For the second year running a pair of rare hen harriers have returned to nearby moors for breeding. Threatened with extinction, hen harriers are famed for their dramatic mating dances in the sky.
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