Rare bearded vulture
front page
With its huge wingspan of well over nine feet, the magnificent bearded vulture is the largest bird of prey ever seen in the Peak District National Park. It has been here for most of the summer, probably arriving from the Alps.
More money for youth projects page 4
An extra £220,000 is being made available by Derbyshire County Council to support community groups, clubs and charities working with young people aged up to 19, or up to 25 if disabled. There is no ceiling to the amount that can be requested.
Tideswell to Jerusalem pages 16 & 17
Tideswell's Gillian White and Margaret Filer have been part of "Just Walk", joining in with volunteers from around Britain to travel "virtually" to Jerusalem, raising money for Christian rights charity Amos Trust to distribute to people in Palestine. Gillian and Margaret raised nearly £1,000 through their efforts.
Carbon neutral village page 21
Guest speaker at the next meeting of Tideswell & District Environment Group will be Kate Harrison from Ashton Hayes, the Cheshire village that has set itself the target of being the first in the country to become entirely carbon neutral. It's likely that the meeting will be via Zoom video.
Rural crime increase page 28
Insurer NFU Mutual has published its 2020 Rural Crime Report, which reveals that there has been a crime rise of 7.8% in the East Midlands. In particular, experienced gangs are targeting high value tractors, quad bikes and livestock.

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